Friday, December 30, 2011

Google Gmail doesn't meet LAPD security needs

An article by Stuart Johnston from on how search engine giant, Google, failed to comply with LAPD security requirements in providing emails to the agency. Check it out at Google Gmail doesn't meet LAPD security needs

An interesting part of the article is the last paragraph which stated the mistake by Google and also incapable of other cloud to provide the needs of LAPD.

I do agree with the statement that no cloud can guarantee of 100% securities.. not even the Amazon and Microsoft. None in this world can claim that their cloud is secure from internal or external attack. I bet if they claim that, just challenge them to put their cloud on test by rewarding any hackers that could hack their cloud the fastest and I absolutely for sure that there will be successful hacker/s and I'm confident that many of the cloud provider will not do this.


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