Thursday, March 22, 2012

Personality of Innovators

5 personality of Innovators - Which ones are you?

Brenna Sniderman wrote an article on 5 personality of innovators. In summary, those are:

  1. Movers or Shakers
  2. Experimenters
  3. Star Pupil
  4. Controllers
  5. Hangers On

So which ones are you?
Check out this interesting article at Forbes (Online)

What to do when you are in 'black-out' mode?

Schlesinger, Kiefer, Brown wrote an article about how you can maneuver from being 'black-out' condition (simply don't know what to do) to a condition whereby you'll always know what next to be done. There are four steps listed by them and those steps are:

  1. Start with desire
  2. Take a smart step as quickly as you can towards your goal
  3. Reflect and build from what you have done from taking the step
  4. Continuous repetition of step 1 - 3
Read the full article at Harvard Business Review


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