Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Learn HTML5 and CSS3 with Microsoft

HTML5 / CSS3 Zone
The HTML5/CSS3 Zone is your one-stop shop for information about the latest development tools and best practices using powerful new Web standards such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
Learn how to use Microsoft developer tools Visual Studio 2010, Expression Web, and WebMatrix to leverage the full potential of the new HTML5 APIs such as Canvas, Web Workers, Geolocation, and others. See how your application can realize the full range of HTML5 features using IE9's hardware accelerated graphics, the new "Chakra" JavaScript engine, F12 developer tools, and more.
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HTML5 Canvas Tutorial
Learn how to create a visual library for a large image collection using HTML 5 Canvas. David Cathue walks you through the HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript needed to build this data intensive, browser application using Visual Studio 2010. Read the complete tutorial.
Learn HTML5 in 5 Minutes!
This tutorial walks you through some key areas of HTML5: semantic markup, canvas, audio and video, and shows you how to use HTML5 while retaining support for older browsers. Read the complete tutorial.
Mobile Video with HTML5 
If you are hosting progressive download video and audio on the web, supporting HTML5 video and audio can help you extend the reach of your content. Learn how to make your HTML5 video play on mobile devices. Learn more.
Canvas vs. SVG: An HTML5 Comparison Guide
Canvas and SVG are important components of the HTML5 graphically rich Web but each has its own strengths and limitations. Read this comparative guide to learn when to use one particular vector graphic technology over the other. Read more.
HTML5 Web Workers: The JavaScript Multi-Threading Approach
Learn how HTML5 Web Workers can help you take advantage of today's multi-core processing environments, dramatically improving the performance of your applications. Read the complete tutorial.
Browser and Feature Detection: Make your Website look Great Everywhere
When you're building a web site, you want it to look great in any browser -- this article provides hints, tips and best practices that will help your sites look their best. Learn more.
HTML5 Gaming: Animation in Canvas with EaselJS
When you write casual games using the HTML5 Canvas element, you need a way to handle your sprites. This tutorial shows you how to use the Easel Javascript library to use your existing sprite elements and animate them. Learn more.
Accelerate Your HTML5 Game Development
Using the power of accelerated graphics, this tutorial shows you how to develop your very first brick breaker game -- ripe with special effects -- using HTML Canvas and SVG.
Building Apps with HTML5: What You Need to Know
There is a lot of excitement around HTML5 and for good reason. Why is it important and how can you adopt it in your applications? This article explains how, and shows you some exciting new tools that can help.


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