Friday, March 16, 2012

Anonymous is good and Google is dirty word

1. Anonymous is 'good' for security
Exploits of hacktivist group help improve companies' security posture by exposing vulnerabilities, but its threat remains despite key members of the group being arrested, security insiders warn. Read detail at ZDNet Asia

The author said that the group is good to business of security company but put up lots of damages to the effected victims. As for me, the good of them is absolutely more than the bad things. After all, there are also white-hat hackers whom get paid for hacking. This 'Anonymous' do it for free and what they did is beyond capability of white-hat hackers. Why? Because the managed to hack without getting information from the victims whereas the good hackers had preliminary discussion first before hacked and they normally hacked what is allowed. "Your best friend is Your ENEMY. He will describe everything you are exactly including your weaknesses" - Sun Tzu in Art of War.

2. 'Google' a dirty word in healthcare services.
Two days ago, I returned to the healthcare services provider, where I had done the examination, for a review of the results and to get any advice on problem areas I might have with regard to my well-being.

I was told I had borderline cholesterol levels, so I asked the doctor what foods I should avoid and what I should consume more of to bring the numbers down to the normal range. Her reply? "Go Google it."
Read the full article at ZDNet Asia
The author is sharing her friends experience on meeting a doctor that proposed her to 'google' for sample of healthy food and how frustrated the person was when he/she was expecting a good proposal from the doctor. And there are few comments too.
Yes, I do agreed that the 'Internet of Things' started by Google and other IT giant had make people like me gone lazy on sharing our expertise and advises. It is a bit tired of saying same things continuously. Thus, by putting the information on the NET and make it available for access to all is much easier and reduce the tense. However, the information in this 'boundless' world should not be used as total information. It should be used to enhance knowledge thus ensure when you met a doctor or expert, you can discuss better and get better input.

That's all my comments on this two articles.


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