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Glorious Future of BlackBerry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10 is supposed to be the start of a new era for BlackBerry. If that is to happen, consumers will need to be convinced of its innovation and potential. Therefore, they will need to know two things: how does it differ from previous BlackBerry models? And, why should they be interested? BlackBerry will be hoping that the answer to the first question will also answer the second.

Z10 versus early Blackberry

In terms of differences to previous BlackBerry models the Z10 has many. The most notable of these is the absence of the quintessential qwerty keyboard with the 4.2 inch, high resolution touch screen of the Z10 leaving no room for it. This may please those who prefer a touch screen keyboard but may also put off the hardcore faithful who enjoyed the old keyboards. However, for both parties, BlackBerry has designed a spacious and easy to use touch screen keyboard with a predictive text feature which means the predicted word appears over the next letter, meaning the user only needs to swipe it upwards to enter.

Price does matters

Alongside previous model differences, you also need to consider how it fares against the main rivals. Often cheaper than competitors, the BlackBerry Z10 price comes in at RM 1,799.00 for the handset.

Superb Features of Z10

Another new feature on the Z10 is the BlackBerry Hub, which houses all messages, e-mails and notifications. It has been designed with the object of allowing an experience which is flowing and easy for the user. The user may be in the middle of something on an app when their phone beeps but there is no need to close that app and search through texts, social media and e-mail to discover the source of the notification. All they need do is swipe upwards and right with their thumb and peek into the hub, this will allow them to see their texts, e-mails and anything else they have told the Hub to store. From there they can choose whether to reply immediately or later allowing them to not be completely disturbed by every single notification.

In pursuit of further flow there is no need to close apps if the user chooses to reply to the message. The user just has to simply swipe the app down where it will stay exactly as they left it ready to be picked up later when the user is ready. It is important to note that with the Z10s ability to run eight apps simultaneously, there is no need to worry about lag when doing this.

Not everything is totally new on the Z10, some of it has just been updated and modernised such as the new BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). This has always been popular with BlackBerry users as it allows you to exchange messages and pictures instantly with your contact list for free. BBM has been expanded, with the Z10s front facing camera in mind, to allow video calls to any contact anywhere in the world thus making it perfect for catching up with friends and conducting international business alike.

A second new feature to BBM is Screen Share. At the press of a button during a video call Screen Share allows users to literally share their screen with the contact they are calling. This again has great potential for social and business use alike by allowing people to show their friend a funny Youtube clip or to show their colleague an important document with the valuable ability to talk it over at the same time.

Z10 - Simply the best

Older BlackBerry models put many consumers off with the lack of apps that could be downloaded onto them, but with the Z10 BlackBerry launched its new BlackBerry 10 World which contains 70,000 apps including big names, such as Skype, that were missing before. This is a valuable asset in a world where apps are king and BlackBerry World looks only set to grow. However, whether the BlackBerry Z10s future is glorious remains in the hands, or the wallets, of the consumers.

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