Thursday, June 21, 2012

IASA Update

Becoming an Indispensable Partner Webinar - Tuesday, June 26th
Iasa Global has partnered with executive coach, Steve Lishansky, who will be presenting several key principles and best practices for improving communication with clients, in an upcoming webinar for the Iasa community:

Tuesday, June 26th - 9:00am-10:30am (CDT)

Becoming an Indispensable Partner™ positions you with your clients for easier access, earlier engagement, higher regard, and greater impact - the conditions that lead to much greater appreciation, respect and cooperation. How many times have your internal or external clients failed to understand not just your solutions, but the importance of those solutions to their own success?This webinar is focused on helping you understand and deploy complimentary skills that leverage the impact and value of your technical expertise with clients. 

Unlocking the Vault - A Look Inside the Iasa Content Repository
The Iasa Content Repository is a collection of white papers, presentations, videos, interviews, articles and many other downloadable items from Iasa's international architect community. Take a look at some of the items in the collection to see what's available to you:   

  = Member Exclusive

Doing the Math - Valuing Architecture as Investment

When people discuss architecture they often talk about architecture being more business focused and less IT focused. In fact, this statement has taken on the makings of a trend in and of itself. We often get caught in the hyperbole and grandiosity of statements about architecture instead of focusing on useful practical examples and things people can use today. The real opportunity to show value lies with an oft-misunderstood aspect of technology as an investment. . .
Three Keys to Evaluing Technology Techniques
We constantly hear people talking about value creation and architecting a solution or enterprise. From our perspective these things are semantically equivalent. The key skill in understanding value addition in business is valuation. What architecture teams in most businesses tend to lack is this additional value information. Yet value from technology investment is precisely what makes a design different from what you expect from an engineer. . . 

Enterprise Functionality: A Concept to Fix IT Sprawl

The concept of "Enterprise Functionality" is something that a lot of organizations have been chasing after over the years. It is the universal collection of functionality that the business can build once and reuse over and over. It was the promise of Java 10 years ago. It was the promise of SOA as a reference point 5 years ago. The reality of this pursuit is not the window dressing. It's a conceptual change for the business and for IT. . .

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Iasa Global is the premier association focused on the IT architecture profession through the advancement of best practices, education and certification. Established in 2002, Iasa delivers programs and services to IT architects of all levels around the world. As a non-profit business association, we're dedicated to the advancement and sharing of issues related to software, infrastructure, information, and business architecture in the enterprise, product, education and government sectors. 

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Iasa is committed to improving the quality of IT architecture by developing and delivering standards, education and accredited certification programs and services. With more than 35 Chapters in over 25 countries, and a member base and readership of 60,000 professionals worldwide, Iasa is the leader for IT architecture profession. For more information, visit our website at
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