Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Google Apps Developer Challenge 2012

Participate in the Google Apps Developer Challenge!
It’s time to show the world what Malaysian's can do with Google Apps and the Google Drive API.
Developers in 6 regions across the world will win prizes that include Chromebooks and up to$20,000 USD with other special prizes for students and female developers!
All you have to do is build and submit an amazing application in one of these categories:
  • Enterprise / Small Business Solutions
  • Social / Personal Productivity / Games / Fun
  • Not-for-Profit: Education / Water / Food & Hunger / Health
A winner will be chosen for each category, in each region -- 18 prizes in total.

Want to start hacking?

Join the Google Apps Developer Launch events in Asia.
The first round of submissions closes August 24, 2012.

Visit ISOC MALAYSIA Chapter at:


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