Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tableau - The user could not be added because you do not have access to the domain specified.

You may get the following error when you try to add new user. You have try may solutions as listed in Tableau:

Even you have file a case at Tableau Support and received respond from them. I received the following from Tableau Support:
Thank you for contacting Tableau Technical Support. My name is Henk, and I will be assisting with this case.

I have investigated the reported issue and I do have some steps below that should resolve the permissions issues on Tableau Server. We suggest consulting with your Active directory administrator to make sure the Tableau Server Run As User account has been granted permission to has access to query the Active Directory. If having the access capability, please follow the steps below re-entering the Run As User password and start Tableau Server.

• Try stopping TABLEAU Server, re-enter the Run As User password and start Tableau Server

1. Open Command Prompt and run as administrator, navigate to the “bin” folder located in the Tableau Server directory. For example if Tableau Server is installed in the default location, the directory will be: C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\\bin 2. Type the following command to stop Tableau Server: tabadmin stop 3. From the start menu, type "Configure Tableau Server", and right click the program to open it as a Window Administrator.
4. Type the Run As user password and click "Ok" to save.
5. Type the following command to start Tableau Server: tabadmin start

Additional information on how to add Active Directory users can be found in the following links:

Add Users to a Site

I believe the above information will resolve this issue. If the information provided does not resolve the issue, please let me know by responding with the additional information requested below and a few details regarding why the solution above did not resolve the issue.

1.            What issues are still occurring?
2.            Did the steps not resolve the issue?
3.            Is this an issue with all users or just a specific Active Directory user?

We may send a survey to confirm that the case has been fully resolved.

We appreciate any feedback on this issue as well as the general Tableau Technical Support experience.

Thank you for being a valued Tableau Software customer!

Please find your case summary below. To update this case via email, please reply to this message.

Tech Support
Tableau Software

After try all the above, you still get the same result and thought of re-install your tableau server. Before you do that, let me give you another solutions:
1. Please make sure the username used to manage the tableau server (start, stop, restart) is register in the same domain as other user (in your Active Directory, LDAP server, or any authentication method used excluding local authentication)
2. If no. 1 ok, then ensure that the user has administrator privileges and has granted by your domain authenticator (in my case is Active Directory)
3. Open you Tableau Server Config (for Windows Start Menu > Tableau > Config Tableau Server).
4. In the window pop-up, make sure the username and password entered is the same username/password register in the Active Directory.
5. Restart your tableau server. Opps.. I recommended that you stop your tableau server first. :)

And it shall solve your problem.

p/s: it took me 2 days to figure out.

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