Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Be a Data Scientist

Leverage your degree to solve real-world problems.

The Data Science Incubator is an intensive eight-week data science program that prepares top science and engineering graduates to work as data scientists and quants in the private secroe. We then help you find jobs at some of the world's top companies. the program is free for this Data Scientist.

Join us in Kuala Lumpur. Apply today!

Registration is now open till 27th July 2015

  1. Hurry now! Deadline is approaching. We are growing rapidly and admitting more candidates than ever. Afew notes:
  2. Interested in applying? Please apply via http://www.ibigmaxe.com[ibigmaxe.com]
  3. Taken Entrance Exam? you will receive an email notification after you have successfully registered.
  4. Qualified yet? An email your way to nofity if you have been selected.
  5. Want to start preparing early? 12 Days Pre-Program for you via email to the qualified candidates.
  6. Not qualified? Want to apply for a later session? Sit tight: we will send emails about the future sessions to your email address.
  7. Know someone else who would make a great Data Scientist? Encourage them to apply at http://www.ibigmaxe.com[ibigmaxe.com]

Class starting on 17 August 2015!


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