Monday, June 1, 2015

[ISOC] Registration for InterCommunity 2015 is open

Dear Internet Society Member:

Exciting news!  Registration for InterCommunity 2015, 7/8 July, is now open!  Watch this video from our President and CEO Kathy Brown to get more details.  Click here to watch the video:

Participation is easy -- you can join online, from wherever you are, or in-person at a Regional Event in your area.  These 15 events will have their own regional activities and then link to the online InterCommunity discussions.  To find a regional event near you, visit:

InterCommunity is an ideal opportunity to talk with the ISOC Board, share ideas and viewpoints, and discuss topics that we all care deeply about -- issues including Collaborative Security, Internet governance and bringing the nextbillion people online.

Want to help promote InterCommunity?  You can download postcards and posters to share with your friends:

Plan to join us at InterCommunity -- THE place to connect and inspire each other as we work together to make a difference.  Visit the InterCommunity webpage for more information! 

for detailed member-only information.


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