Saturday, August 30, 2014

2014 Internet Governance Forum

In a few days the 2014 Internet Governance Forum will begin.
The event comes at a critical time and it's clear that our fundamental goal - a world where everyone can access and develop a connected, borderless, permission-less, limitless Internet that creates opportunity and progress for all – is more urgent than ever.
But great challenges can generate great opportunities – and you can be a part of the solution. 
At this IGF, it's time to let policy and decision makers know that a united and flourishing global community is the only way to ensure the expansion and continued innovation of the open Internet. 
No other forum can match the IGF's ability to engage all types of people – in communities, governments, and boardrooms – and raise these issues to global importance in order to develop lasting solutions.
So no matter if you're on the ground in Istanbul or at home - we need you to take part!
Here's how:
Progress on difficult issues, with everyone at the table, is possible. We cannot divide our resources or fragment the strength we have as a community.
No matter where you are in the world, we look forward to hearing your voice as part of this year’s IGF!


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