Thursday, July 24, 2014

NetBeans failed to execute HTML5 Projects - Error WebSocket

When doing development especially using JAVA as one of the component, I always prefer to use Netbeans. After a while not doing any programming (almost 3 years), I had to learn on HTML5, CSS3, etc to develop a responsive web (still learning to develop mobile apps). Since I prefer netbeans, thought to develop using it.

The first issue found was below:
"Internal WebSocket server failed to start and communication with the external Chrome browser will not work. Check the IDE log for more information. This is likely cause by multiple instances of NetBeans running at the same time or some other application using port 8008"

prompted when I try to run a sample project file. Ask big brother @ GOOGLE and has few solutions under the netbean bugs:


However, both don't really helpful. So, I started to troubleshoot it on my own. The first thing I did was looking on applications using 8008. Found nothing.

Second thing I did was to view my hosts.ini files. Disabled all IPs referring to localhost except

Try run the project again.... and wallawei :) IT WORKS!!!

So.. back to basic ... and start coding again :)


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