Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hacking - Educational link ... or Knowledge for cracking

I've not written anything on hacking or cracking, or related area such as software security (which is my interest), malware, etc for quite some time. Was busy with lots of new things to do which does not involves anything relates to this at all.

After a while, found some interesting link and articles and wishes to share with you guys.

1. Anatomy of a hack - A Case Study 
Aaron Weiss shares case study on real life hacking of which have some good information for us to learn. Check it out at here.

2. Hacked: Your Question Answered
This article (by Andrew Shain) shares on how a typical organization is hacked. Read detail at The State.

3. HoneyMap - Watch life series of hacked site and countries at this site.

4. Russian Roulette - Looking for market to buy your own botnet or toolkit @ SDK to start off you hacking experience? Check it out here.


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