Saturday, November 10, 2012

Android - Solving Google Play and Wifi problem

Last 2 months, I bought for my kids 3 tablets (cheap tablet) made in China (of course nowadays there are many and most of the tablets are manufactured either by Taiwan or China). It was cheap (about RM800), it has Android 4.0 ice-cream, and it is just for my kids to play android games and browse internet. It is kind of worth buying for your kids especially when you have many kids with limited budget :)...

However, I spend quite lots of times to configure its Wifi and Google Play. And here is the tips I wish to share if you encounter the same problem.
Problem: Can't connected to Google play although your  Wifi is connected or you have problem to connect although you sit beside the wireless devices.

1. Ensure that you disable data roaming or check that you prefer wifi connection rather than mobile data network.

2. Please make sure you battery is not lower than 20%.

3. Ensure that your time and date is based on network. Do not set it to manual unless you don't want to be connected to wifi or google after successfully installed or download or done doing anything on the net.

4. If 1 - 3 doesn't work, then, you need to stop your Google Play connection, clear cache, and try to connect again.

5. If 4 doesn't work, the last option will be reset your factory setting or re-install your Android OS :)

If 5 doesn't work, if it is still under warranty, used it. Else, throw it away and look for new ones... :)

That's all Android fan :)...



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