Friday, August 31, 2012

Hackers Never Sleep - New Cyber Attack

It has been quite a while that I don't really focus on cyber security. A bit tight with my new responsibilities but I'll try my way in with cyber security.

Cyber attack is no longer focusing on banking or normal site. There are venturing into new area which is more complicated but the impact is far greater.

Late last month, RasGas's (Qatar's natural gas pumper company) network was hijacked.

Months before that, Kaspersky detected new malware known as Wiper. Not sure the impact or threat causes by the malware but it is prove that the bad-guy never rest.
The Wiper
People like us must continue to learn and continue to expect the unexpected. If we can be one step ahead, we should at least be in the same step as the bad-guy :).

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