Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Webinar - The Insider's Guide to Insider Threats (by IMPERVA)

Live Webinar:
The Insider's Guide to Insider Threats

Did you know 70% of employees plan to take sensitive business data with them when they leave their job? Further, did you know over 50% feel they have rights to this data? If you think your organization has avoided the insider threat, you may need to look deeper.

Pinpointing the source and scope of data theft is often hard to quantify, especially since your largest internal threat may actually be one of your most loyal employees.

This webinar presents findings from the first-ever global insider threat study that catalogs common practices used by leading organizations across numerous verticals.

This presentation will:
• Define the insider threat
• Quantify the prevalence of the problem
• Uncover controls that have proven most effective at minimizing the risk of insider threats

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The Insider's Guide to Insider Threats

Rob Rachwald,
Dir. Security Strategy, Imperva

May 30, 2012
9AM (SGT) | 11AM (EST) | 1PM (NZST)


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