Sunday, April 15, 2012

Instagram - Another brilliant concepts after Facebook and Twitter

I'm really impressed with new idea/innovation especially when related to web where many people can share without boundaries. Instagram is another brilliant things appear after Facebook and Twitter. And they had share their secret with us so that others can become billionaire too. But, as you can see, there is nothing new inside it. It is the same things thought to us years ago especially to those people in research areas.

If you can read publications related to invention, innovation, and generating ideas and use tool like TRIZ, you'll realize that what Instagram did is the things we should always be doing; that is to keep it simple, don't re-invent the wheel, and recycle the proven technologies (but in different context). Above all, the solutions to our problem or the idea for new things is always there and have been done in somewhere else. We just need to think 'out-of-the-box'... :)

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